What is FCT and why FCT internet Compliance is important

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is mandated to protect the rights and dignity of all consumers. That includes those who purchase on and off line. That includes the information they get about the goods and services online. This means that all processes that culminate to trade are all regulated by FTC. Thus if you are involved in any online business, you need to FTC internet compliant.

What is FTC internet compliance?

E-commerce has experienced tremendous growth over the last two decades. This growth has made internet a vital tool of trade. It has aided trade from the process of advertising to finally making purchases and transferring money online. This means that a lot of information about people and the goods they buy are transferred in every second in the USA and around the world. Since FTC is required to protect American consumers, it has the mandate to control the trade of services and information online. It therefore has a set of guidelines that should be adhered to so that trade is safe for all Americans and consumers outside the American soil who trade with Americans. In short, FTC is a regulatory agency that ensure that consumers benefit from fair trade.

FTC internet Compliance protects vulnerable consumers mostly children. It ensures that the content of the businesses which sell children’s products online provide information that is age appropriate. That is according to The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). This laws also provide clear guidelines on how to get personal information from children including those under the age of 13. It also provides information on how to ensure parental control.

FTC internet compliance also protects adults by ensuring that the information that they transfer is safe. That applies more strictly to sensitive personal information such as credit card and banking details. FTC requires that all personal information that may put a customer’s life or property at risk should be protected by the handler.

Why is FTC compliance important?

In addition to all that, FTC internet compliance eases online trading across the globe. If your business is considered compliant, you can easily trade in online in Europe. Since to transfer personal information you must comply with EU-US shield framework considers FTC internet compliance an important qualifier. You therefore risk losing important trading opportunities if you don’t comply.

FTC compliance naturally builds a business culture that can easily be trusted by its customers. Your business can easily become the first choice for customers because they are without fear of being robbed. Ensuring that you comply also keep you safe from legal issues that can affect your business and raise trust questions among your customers. FTC internet compliance is therefore a boon for your business. It is completely worth it to spend yor full time and resources to ensure that you meet the requirements of FTC.

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