Important things to keep in mind when thinking of getting a TV license contact number

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You may want to get hold of a TV license contact number for a number of different reasons that are best known to you. However, understanding a few things that are involved with a TV license can go a long way in helping you understand what it is that you should actually follow.

Are there any penalties if I don’t have a TV license?

It is a requirement that you make sure that you have a TV license so that you are able to avoid facing any kind of penalties that may be as a result of not having one. In case you are not sure of how it is that you should work around getting a TV license, then it is advisable that you go ahead and get a TV license contact number whereby you are going to be able to get all the right information from the customer care team.

It is important for you to understand that it is considered to be a criminal offense if you are recording or watching different TV programs without having a license. The same law applies when it comes to DVD players, games and also computers.  In case you are unfortunate enough to get caught, you may end up been prosecuted which may also cause you to pay around £1000 of fine or even more. If you think that you can run away from been caught, then you should know that the TV licensing authority has a number of ways in which they can be able to know whether or not you have a license.

The TV licensing authority in the UK has a database that contains a total of around 31 million addresses that are based in the UK. This database enables them to keep track of which addresses do not have a valid TV license and which ones do. The enforcement officers of the authority are going to make use of the access that they have to this database to be able to perform regular checks so as to ensure they have a good record of those who are paying for TV and those who aren’t.

In some case, these officers may actually visit your home so that they can confirm if you have a license or not. In case you are found not to have a license and you go ahead to tell the licensing authority officer that you do not watch TV, then the next person who is going to visit you is the enforcement officer who is going to come and check how true this is. Therefore, for you to be on the safe side, it is advisable that you make sure that you have a TV license of your own so that you are able to avoid any kind of penalties.

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