SEO Vs Content Marketing- Let’s Clear The Air

Posted by Diane Barnett on January 3, 2017No Comments

There’s a little confusion over SEO and content marketing. The confusion comes over how SEO and content marketing fit together. Do they fit together? Are they at chances with each other? If so, is it possible to require them together?

In a previous post, I discussed why SEO and content marketing resemble PB&J. They fit. They simply fit. They work well together. Let’s not forget the importance of social media marketing.

Now, I want to share exactly why that is– why SEO is really everything about content marketing, and vice versa.

Prior to I share the why of this post, let me be clear about the what– the problem I’m attending to.
The Problem: SEO and content marketing are not integrated.

The core of the issue is that SEO and content marketing are separated, as if they were 2 very various things. The fact is, nevertheless, that they go together, overlap, cohere, blend.

Some people believe that content marketing eliminates the need for SEO.

How can “content marketing overtake SEO totally” when the only method to successful material marketing is to have SEO? How can you tear the two apart like that?

Luckily, there are voices of factor in the cacophony of confusion (e.g., the post above). Careful marketers have actually observed the detach, and are attempting to explain that SEO and content marketing fit.

Yet the mistake persists. Among the popular articles that makes this error comes from an article in The Guardian, which mentions: “It appears like Google has tired of its old friend SEO and is rather cosying-up to the new kid on the block, content marketing” [sic]

It’s an adorable example, however it’s just not precise. It’s not as if SEO and content marketing are 2 various people. To borrow the exact same metaphor, SEO and content marketing are really 2 personalities of the exact same person.

The issue, then, lies in the detach in between SEO and content marketing.

It’s time to bring the 2 back together. This is the only method you’ll succeed in both your SEO and your content marketing.
The Truth: SEO and content marketing overlap. A lot.

When attempting to comprehend the integration of SEO and content marketing, consider it by doing this.

First, here’s the inaccurate view of SEO and content marketing. This is wrong:


Now, here’s properly to see them:


They overlap.
There are distinctions in between SEO and content marketing.

Yes, SEO and content marketing are distinguished from one another in a number of critical locations. And while they have points of distinction, you still cannot separate the two entirely.

Instead of chase down every point of difference between the 2, I wish to mention this essential contrast:

SEO is narrower, and more technical.
Material marketing is broader and more holistic.

This is the method which the two converge:

The method to use SEO in a more comprehensive way is to funnel its specific technical endeavors into material marketing.
Alternatively, the only method to make sure the success of content marketing is to use SEO methods in its implementation.