Why you should vote on the internet?

Posted by Thomas Hunter on April 29, 2016No Comments

When elections need to be held and people have to vote, it is a time when we want to change something about our country, our and our children’s future. We want them to live better than we did and that we are now living.

Nowadays, we live in an era when everything we do, it is cheaper and quicker to do on the internet. Well, now you can also choose whether you want to vote on the internet or to go to your polling location. You do not have to be worried about security of your information that you have to give, because the encryption software is more secure than voting machines are.

When we are talking about accessibility, it is much better for you to vote from you comfy home, sitting in your chair, than to go outside to the location where you have to go and this kind of voting should increase, just because of its availability.

u984-4          Voting online also represent great savings for communities, because there is no need for voting booths, expensive machines and everything that comes with it. There so no need for waiting in lines with all other people and for polling locations. Votes are being summarized much quicker than they are by hand. Secret ballots won’t get lost by senior citizens who have to travel to their polling booths. For voting online there are special digital ballots that are used.

There are few negative things that are related to online voting and those are that there are senior citizens who do not use computers and internet, so they have to go to polling locations. The other thing is that all of those machines that are used for elections and their companies won’t have any work left, and that could upset local polling booths committees. But, it is well known that a great part of the world already uses online voting. Some of those countries are Japan, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Estonia, etc.

On the other hand, if you are thinking about having elections, any kind of them – for organizations, clubs, associations, churches, schools, etc. – you should think to hold your elections online because it is much cheaper and easier, and the results may come out much faster than you expect them to. You should also have in mind that every system for voting online represent a trusted provider that make your voting on the internet secure.

There are many positive things about voting online, and there are many providers that can provide you security. There are much less negative things, but you have to keep in mind that it is your moral obligation to vote and to support your candidates, whether it is online or in person. It makes so much sense to use online voting, because you do your online banking, don’t you? You purchase things for your home and family, right? So, why wouldn’t we start voting online, when it makes our lives simple as much more than they were when we all started using internet for all other kinds of work.

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